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      Ice Storm 2020

      The year 2020 was certainly a horrendous year for most of us, if not all.  Amidst COVID we also, here in Edmond, had the worst ice storm I have seen in the 9 years we have lived here. 

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      Eminence, Missouri

      A couple of years ago we literally stumbled across this beautiful treasure because it was the only place on the weather map that wasn't raining at the time we were searching for a place to hike and camp.

      We were looking for a primitive camping spot as we entered the outskirts of town because we like to enjoy the great outdoors without having to be right on top of other campers. With that said, we started our journey down this long very secluded path toward where the sign pointed was primitive camping. We drove for approximately 2-3 miles on this very woodsy gravel road which turned into river rock at the base and we still had not found the primitive camping. At that point we were afraid that we would get stuck, we didn't have our truck then, so we decided it best to turn around and go back out to the main road to find perhaps a little less of a secluded area. We only made it maybe a mile back down this one-way-in and one-way-out road when apparently there was a storm brewing above us that we really didn't know anything about due to all of the tree coverage when we came upon a massive downed tree across the road.  


      We sat there for a few minutes wondering what we were going to do and then someone else pulled up behind us.  You know that moment when you think you hear banjo music??  We quite possibly could have been there.  So what do you do in those kind of situations?  Well make lunch of course!   My husband is always starving!  LOL!   

      Once we finished with our lunch we decided to get out and assess the situation.  By this time a rescue vehicle had come up from the other side and this guy got out of his vehicle with a chainsaw to clear our path.  Unfortunately, with the first pull of his cord the cord snapped making his chainsaw inoperable.  He called his wife to have her go back to their house and get another chainsaw but that was going to take at least another half hour or so.  We stood around chatting waiting for her return when all of a sudden this chainsaw starts up from behind us, made us jump out of our skin just a tad, and still to this day I couldn't tell you where he came from but thankful all the same that he arrived and was able to cut the tree so that we could pass.  I love adventures like these because you meet some of the most nicest and interesting of people, not to mention you make great memories and have wonderful stories to tell!  

      Ken and I hope to get back there again someday to do another camping adventure.  There were so many beautiful hiking trails, natural forest, old buildings, an old mill and schoolhouse, just some really neat areas to explore again.  Perhaps this time with our truck we can see if we can find that primitive spot we never made it to.  :)